Poster Project and Game Night


I like to have my kids do projects from time to time. I like to see their creativeness come through and I think it assists in their education. For this project, I had the students make posters about the unit in the textbook we were studying. The unit is about overcoming adversity. The kids were to develop posters with this theme. Some of them did really well and were very creative. Some students missed the mark and produced more of an inspirational poster. Other students seemed to allow Chinglish take over their grammar once again. Overall, I mark this project a success. The posters are now hung on the walls for all to enjoy.



IMG_20170419_084411IMG_20170419_084402IMG_20170419_084351IMG_20170419_084333IMG_20170419_084254 (2)IMG_20170419_084217IMG_20170419_084149IMG_20170419_084141IMG_20170419_084132IMG_20170419_084132 (2)IMG_20170419_084206IMG_20170419_084122IMG_20170419_084230IMG_20170419_084320

We like to have fun and games in class. Since this week was mid-term exams for the students, I decided that one class was prepared enough to have a game night. Here are some of the results from that adventure.









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